“This is our first photo together. An hour after you where born. Because I had a really bad Pancreatitis the doctors decided to bring me to the intensive care. I have never screamed so much in my life from all of the pain I felt that day. My infection level was sky high, it was way too risky for both our lives(you can die of an Pancreatitis). I had a c-section with general anesthesia in the middle of the night because the doctors couldn’t wait any longer. So I don’t know anything about your birth except from what they have told me. I was in such bad shape when this photo was taken. I felt you, but I didn’t see you, everything was so blurry when I opened my eyes. But this moment…Is the best moment in my life.
They told us we would never ever have kids of our own. And yet there you were, right there in my arms. I love you Z.” @justliveblogbystephanie