For some mamas, breastfeeding is super easy. For others it can be super difficult. Either way, there are some times when you just want to take a shower, spend five minutes getting ready (alone) and go out for a quick dinner. During those times you also try to figure out how to leave your baby with a sitter or the grandparents when they are still feeding around the clock. We have to say, we tested and are in love with these @munchkininc bottles. We have tried a TON and these work. So any mamas looking for a bottle to try so they can get a little me time in (even if it’s a solo trip to Starbucks) check these out. Xo #ohmamamoment #latchletsme#munchkinlatch #bottlefeeding#breastfeeding 4f6646ed-f2bc-4e42-9e59-06f4c7fee0eb 3f7ecc95-6ac0-47f0-8f02-b323b84cfdde img_1346