When you’re a first time mom, you register for all the essential baby items and all the non-essential baby items.  You enter the local baby store feeling excited and prepared and leave feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  There are so many choices for the simplest of products and while you can’t wait to be a mom, you do wonder (as we still do every day), did I make the right decision?  Did I get the right thing?

When you’re expecting the second time around, it’s a little more clear (even if your head is so foggy from those pregnancy hormones) what works for you and your little one.  However, with baby number two, it can still be overwhelming.  Two babies to feed, put to sleep, get into the car etc. You barely have time to do your hair, let alone think about all the things you will need for your second child.  This is why we have fallen in love with Baby Cubby.

Baby Cubby  is the best of everything baby.  They know that moms work hard all day every day and they know just what a mom needs.  Products that have been researched and tested, a shopping experience that is convenient and comfortable, modern luxuries like pop up shops and play areas.  They even have a drive up shopping experience for local mamas-we are not even kidding.

As a second time mama we know that your time is limited and your need is great, which is why we have partnered with Baby Cubby to bring you our top ten must haves for your newest addition.  We have almost every single item on the list, so we can personally vouch for how amazing they are!


Oeuf Sparrow Crib


Aden & Anais Bamboo Crib Sheet


UppaBaby Vista


Petunia Pickle Bottom Valet Clips




Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor


4Moms Breeze Playard


Sakura Bloom Classic Sling


Freshly Picked Moccasins


Gathre Mini Leather Mat